(NEW) 🔦 TK2303D Flashlight Tester


(NEW) 🔦 TK2303D Flashlight Tester

$ 469.00 USD

The TK2303D Flashlight Tester is the latest and improved version of the popular TK2303 model. TK2303D features live plotting capabilities, an increased measurement range, beam distance calculation, and the ability to export data to PC (beta). With these enhancements, TK2303D offers a comprehensive solution for comparing and testing flashlight performance.


-Lumen range: 0-35,000 lm
-Candela range: 0-6,500,000 cd
-Lux range: 0-250,000 lux
-Beam distance

Live Plotting

-600 sampling data points each for lumen/candela/lux
-Sampling time: adjustable between 0.2s - 60.0s
-Maximum logging time: 600 mins (10 hrs)

Lux and Candela Measurement

-Distance to surface range: 1-10m
-External sensor cable length: 2m
-External sensor extension cable length: 10m (Not included. Can be purchased separately)


-On-device live reading and plotting: 1lm/1cd/1lux
-Data logging: 1lm. cd and lux x1/x10/x100 based on multiplier selection

Sensor Sampling time interval

-Sensor sampling time interval: 150ms
-Sampling rate: ~6.6 times per second

Data Exporting (Beta)

-Data exporting via USB.
-Must be able to run python script.


-Sphere openning sizes: 0.7", 1.5", 2.9"
-Sphere diameter: 6.29"
-Wavelength range: 450-650nm (Not for UV/IR light)
-AC power/DC power with two 18650 batteries (batteries not included)
-Plug type will be automatically selected based on the delivery address
-Touch screen
-1-year limited warranty
-Made in China


-Integrating sphere and display
-Carry-on case included. Sphere can not be taken out.
-External Lux/Candela sensor
-External sensor cable. Length: 2m
-USB cable for data transfer


-Shipping package weight: 12.79 lbs / 5.8 kgs
-5-12 business days (US)
-10-21 business days (EU)